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Pregnancy Journey

More Than Just Nine Months

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The full pregnancy timeline

Pregnancy is usually thought of as a nine-month journey that begins at conception, but the time before and after is just as important from a nutrition perspective. It is essential to nourish your body during family planning in order to prepare for the journey of growing another human inside of you. Nutrition after birth is important as well. If you will be breastfeeding, it’s important to pass along nutrients to your new baby, but it is just as important to keep yourself healthy and energized to take on life as a new mom.

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What happens to my body during pregnancy?

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Whether you have just started the process of family planning or have been trying to conceive for awhile, good nutrition makes a big difference for you and your baby! Many women don’t know they’re pregnant until they are 6 weeks or more along, so it’s important to start taking prenatal dietary supplements throughout the time you are trying to get pregnant.1

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Pregnancy is a time when there are SO many changes happening to your body, in ways you notice and in ways you might not. Prenatal vitamins are there to support those things you can’t see that are still so important! Not only are you nourishing your baby, you are nourishing yourself in order to make your pregnancy and birth as healthy as possible.1

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Giving birth can cause radical changes to your body. With hormones surging and then subsiding, having a consistent source of nutrients—like OB Complete® prenatal dietary supplements—can help in numerous ways after birth. From breastfeeding to postpartum energy and mental health, getting the right nutrients can support your life with your new bundle of joy.2

Nutrition during pregnancy: things you should know

Your nutrition during pregnancy and afterward plays an important role in your health and your baby’s health and development. You might not be sure where to start when it comes to which foods and which nutrients are most important when–that’s where OB Complete® prenatal dietary supplements come in.

OB Complete® is your partner throughout your pregnancy journey. Whether you’ve just started family planning, have been trying for a few months, or have just found out that you are pregnant, OB Complete® is the prenatal vitamin that serves to improve your nutritional status from the moment you start taking it.3

Dr. Avena offers nutritional insights at every stage of your pregnancy.

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Healthy you, healthy baby

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