Combating Nausea with Food

Feeling nauseous? You aren’t alone. In the first trimester, many women combat nausea. This tends to peak around weeks 7-8 of your pregnancy and, for most women, subsides shortly thereafter. For some women, it can linger, and, for a few, it can become severe enough to warrant the need for medical attention. So, be sure to keep in close touch with your OB if you are experiencing pregnancy nausea, and if you aren’t able to keep any food down or feel that your nausea is impeding your day-to-day activities, talk with your doctor to make sure you aren’t getting dehydrated.

Your nutritional needs

Vitamin B6 can become your best friend when you are feeling nauseous. And the good news is that you can get this vitamin from a variety of foods, or even prenatal dietary supplements such as OB Complete®. When pregnant, you need 2 mg of vitamin B6 each day. There are many food options out there that not only contain vitamin B6, but are also easy on your belly and not known to aggravate nausea. Try avocado, baked potato, brown rice, chickpeas, salmon (smoked has less of an odor, if you are sensitive to smells), or spinach.

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